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March 2018

Georgian English teacher breaks with convention to become internet star

An English teacher in Georgia has become an internet sensation after she posted a video of her students rapping to Tupac Shakur.

In the video which has garnered 134,000 views on Facebook since October, teacher Darejan Gurasashvili moves to the beat of Shakur’s ‘Me and My Girlfriend,’ singing words from an old jazz chant: 'I told you not to do it, and you did it again!'

Then the children reply ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry.’

The mesmerising clip is just one of many on her Facebook page, depicting her lively teaching techniques, which often include music, beats, singing and chanting. In one, she teaches older learners to hip hop beats, surrounded by piles of paperwork at her desk.

Ms Gurasashvili, who teaches English at a middle school in Tbilisi, says that rap is one of her favourite music genres and a great way to teach English.

She says that during the Tupac lesson, the kids ‘learned a few irregular verbs and the interrogative form of the simple past tense,’ and got a kick out of it too, eurasianet reported.

Although using rap and music to learn languages have become established teaching methods in western Europe and America, it is an unconventional one in Georgia.

There, teachers have a very disciplinarian image, and are generally expected to use standardized textbooks, according to eurasianet.

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