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May 2018

EF comes first for women in gender pay study

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EF is the best employer for women among the five language school chains that submitted figures on their gender pay gap to the UK government.

The Swedish-owned educational giant had a median hourly pay gap of 4 per cent in favour of women.

Twice as many women as men received bonuses, which were on average 33 per cent higher than the men’s.

The median average pay, the midpoint of earning for each sex, reveals at what point in their career women begin to make less progress than men.

From our analysis of the results of all the chains (see page 12), the four EFL chains generally did well in terms of median hourly pay.

Two pay women slightly more, one reports a zero pay gap and only one reported an hourly gender pay gap in favour of men higher than the national average of 8.9 per cent. Apart from EF, however, the median bonus pay of all the chains was higher for men.

Women in one company received an average bonus worth half that paid to men.

A spokesperson for EF said, ‘Women make up over 65 per cent of our staff and more than half of our senior leadership team worldwide.

‘EF strives to be an employer that attracts women and uses career-building workshops to empower women to shape successful careers.’

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