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July 2018

Cameroon’s ‘deadly cycle of violence’ over Anglophone regions

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The escalation of violence in Cameroon’s English speaking regions over the last year has been described as ‘unlawful, excessive and unnecessary’ by Amnesty International.

According to a recent report from the human rights group, ‘security forces have tortured people, including children, by beating, electrocuting and burning’.

It also claims students and teachers have been attacked by armed Anglophone separatists after they refused to participate in boycotting schools.

Residents of Cameroon’s Anglophone areas, which are located in the northwest and southwest regions of the country, make up 20 per cent of the whole population. Residents said that over the last 60 years they have suffered systematic violation of their educational and legal system, the BBC reports.
Violence also ruined Cameroon’s National Day celebration last month, with two policemen killed and soldiers wounded.

A mayor and his deputy from an English-speaking town were kidnapped by suspected armed separatists, according to AP News. The armed separatist forces are against Cameroon’s independence celebrations. A separate state of ‘Ambazonia’, which English speakers have been trying to set up since 1967, seems a long way from receiving official recognition.

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