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July 2018

Ielts stars in Punjabi film


A new Punjabi comedy film depicts the struggles of a young man preparing for his Ielts exam. Jatt vs. IELTS shares the story of a young Punjabi man who wants to leave his small village and go to Canada.

And a YouTube video of the film’s trailer has struck a chord, attracting 1.8 million views.

However, as many Punjabis with similar aspirations know, the looming prospect of having to pass the Ielts language exam is a significant hurdle to overcome.

Writer and director Devi Dutt said he wanted the ‘cynical humour’ of the film to comment on the ‘crowd mentality’ of young Punjabis who want to go abroad.

‘After coming to Punjab, I realised about the craze of settling abroad here. Then I decided to make a film on it,’ Dutt told Tribune India’.

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