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September 2018

Life sentence for Australian man who left Korean student to drown in her own blood

A young Australian man has received whole life sentence after being found guilty of killing a Korean English language student in Brisbane in 2013, the Australian press report.

The victim of the random attack, who had moved to Brisbane just six weeks before her gruesome death, was beaten so badly she drowned in her own blood.

The murderer reportedly testified being possessed by a demon when he attacked the woman on her way to work. He admitted killing her but pleaded not guilty to murder, as ‘mental illness left him unable to control himself’.
‘I was kinda waiting for it my whole life to kill someone (…) and on the night of the murder, I just woke up randomly and did it,‘ the man told the press.

Medical reports from three psychiatrists revealed that the murderer showed no signs of schizophrenia at the time of the attack and only developed the mental illness afterwards, according to the Brisbane Supreme Court.

The Australian killer will remain behind bars at least until late 2033.


Writes Federica Tedeschi

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