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September 2018

English teacher refused UK visa to attend her own wedding because of her English IELTS

A Mexican English language teacher has been denied entry to the UK for her wedding due to her IELTS results. According to the Independent newspaper, UK immigration authorities refused her a visa on the grounds that 'the English language test she completed was not approved for settlement’.

Alejandra Santiago, who was due to marry her British partner in the UK in August, is currently in her native country. She flew back months ago to submit her visa application for settlement. She had taken an IELTS test at a British Council centre and received a high score, she told the paper.

The language level required for a spousal visa is A2, a level most teachers would reach easily.

However, since 2015 the test must be taken at a secure English language tests centre. At the time of going to press, only one such secure centre existed in the whole of Mexico.

The delay has forced the couple to postpone their wedding, the groom-to be said the press.

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