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September 2018

Teacher asked to sit for the IELTS exam to prove her English is good enough

A Malaysian teacher with 12 years' professional experience in New Zealand cannot register with the national Education Council unless she sits for the IELTS exam, the NZ Herald online reported.

The council ‘considers her to be a migrant who needs to prove her English is up to scratch’, the website reported.

Jacqueline Hsu, who has lived in New Zealand for over 20 years and graduated with a Bachelor of Teaching from NZ Tertiary College in 2012, scored 57/60 in the English language Quick Placement Test (QPT) she had to sit before starting university in NZ.

A council spokeswoman stressed that the QPT is not on the list of the four tests recognised for minimum standards for English. The council also highlighted that ‘some aspects of the English language proficiency requirement were being reviewed’.

Changes come as NZ predicts that teacher shortage in the country will reach crisis point by 2030.

Meanwhile Hsu, who is refusing to take the IELTS test, is temporarily working as a homestay co-ordinator.


Writes Federica Tedeschi

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