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September 2018

Kyrgyz students to access UK-style ELT with British Study Centres

The school which opened this summer follows the government’s support for ‘in-country ELT with a 3-national-language policy of Kyrgyz, Russian, and English’, according to the British Study Centres (BSC).


The government aims to have 90 per cent of secondary school leavers reach B2 level in their L2.

 Plans for the immediate future include close cooperation with the Ministry of Education on teacher training programs, junior summer camps and delivery of an international foundation year.

Some of the English language teachers currently working at the school have received in-house CELTA training. 

‘Transnational Education is a great and vital part of what we do. The team works so hard to ensure our standards across the world are met and BSC Kyrgyzstan is a perfect example of this, said Steve Phillips, the BSC Group Managing Director for Transnational Education.

‘It offers the same high quality experience .... as our UK centres,’ he added.

The hope is to offer young Kyrgyz more opportunities for their education and careers.

 Steve Phillips took part in the opening of the school in the capital Bishkek, along with the Vice Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan, Altynay Omurbekova.


Writes Federica Tedeschi

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