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December 2018

English speaking work permit policy for Bermuda

bermudaMatt Salusbury 


The government of the Caribbean island of Bermuda is currently implementing a policy that requires English language tests for foreign workers, following a public consultation in October, as reported in Bernews.

Under the "English Speaking Work Permit Policy"foreign workers in certain jobs who come from a country where English is not the first language need to take a language test (unspecified) to get a work permit. Draft legislation states that “Applicant must provide evidence he or she has successfully passed an ‘English as a Second Language’ programme.”Those already in Bermuda could have their permits "revoked" following any complaints from the public about their standard of English, with a hearing after which they have 14 days to give a reason why it shouldn't be revoked.

Jobs affected by the policy will be "customer facing" and occupations where poor communication could put the public's life at risk - nurses, restaurant, hotel staff, care workers and health professionals.

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