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The WTF effect: troublesome acronyms in international education

26-06-2017 Hits:114 News Melanie Butler  - avatar Melanie Butler

The World Taekwondo Federation caused much amusement over the weekend after announcing it was to change its name because of the ‘negative connotations’ of its acronym. It will now be...

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Members of the Unite trade union in Ireland held a protest outside the Department of Education in Dublin today, calling for better pay and conditions.

The cream of the English language teaching sector celebrated in style at the ELTons innovation awards ceremony.

The language learning gap between the North and South of England is widening, according to a new report from the British Council.

The Language Trends Survey 2017 shows that in summer 2016, 65 per cent of pupils in Inner London took a foreign language up to GCSE level (exams taken by 15 and 16 year-olds), compared to just 43 per cent in the North East.

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There is a special place for international students in the UK Conservative party’s general election manifesto, and that’s right under the heading ‘controlling immigration’.


A plan to lift pupil enrolment restrictions on international schools in Vietnam will lead to major growth in English-medium education in the country, experts say.


It’s a love-hate relationship. They both want to be involved with each other, yet there has always been a lingering distrust between them.

Around three quarters of all nurses worldwide who sit academic Ielts fail to reach the grades they would require if they wanted to practise in the UK, an EL Gazette analysis suggests.

News in brief - June 

Adaptations of a Charles Dickens novel and a Sherlock Holmes mystery are in line for awards celebrating literature that encourages students to read more widely.

The shortlist for the Extensive Reading Foundation’s (ERF) Language Learner Literature Awards is now in the hands of teachers and students who will vote on their favourites. The judges will then take their verdicts into account and decide on the winners, to be announced next year.

A major expansion of bilingual programmes in New York sends ‘a clear message’ that ‘all families’ are welcome in the state school system, the city’s mayor has said.

In the biggest expansion since 2010, the New York City (NYC) schools chancellor Carmen Fariña has announced that 68 new dual language and transitional bilingual education programmes will be added from this September.

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