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Brexit officials mocked for translation gaffes

24-07-2018 Hits:331 News Andrea Perez - avatar Andrea Perez

The British have a reputation for being bad at foreign languages, and events last week did nothing to improve it, writes Anna Zarra Aldrich.

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Educational institutions in the US state of Hawaii say they want to double their international student numbers, reaching 24,000 students a year, by 2026.

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What is the thing that makes the Italians feel depressed, the Thais hopeful and the Dutch sceptical?

Not a satay pizza, but the EF English Proficiency Index results.

girl refugee syria asylum class

Migrants to the UK are waiting an average of six months to start Esol classes, a survey suggests. 

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Children forced to attend school in Isis-controlled territories have been brainwashed and taught using educational material that promotes violence it has emerged.

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Australian vocational training providers offering English courses to international students will have to meet new government standards for language schools.

Northern European countries have come out on top in the latest results of the EF English Proficiency Index (EPI).

English language teachers in Ireland have intensified their campaign against ‘unfair working conditions’.

Applications for the 2018 edition of the British Council’s prestigious ELTons awards are open until Friday, November 3.


Findings of the latest study of ‘phonemic learning’ in infants could fuel the native-speaker debate.

The British Council is set to open its first teaching centre in China, the organisation has said.

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