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DENMARK plans to make it easier for its recent non-EU graduates to stay and work in Denmark after graduation, University World News reports. The Ministry of Immigration is to publish a list of fields with skills shortages and minimum salary thresholds for post-study work visas will be reduced.

Learning English is essential for foreign footballers looking for work in the EFL (English Football League). French football legend Zinedine Zidane – tipped as a possible future Manchester United manager – has ‘started learning English to ensure he’s prepared if United do decide to hire him,’ according to the Sun. Zidane, though, was eventually recruited as manager of Spanish team Real Madrid.

INDIA’S vice president Venkaiah Naidu has condemned the influence of English on Indian culture. The Times of India translated Naidu’s words as ‘English is not illness, but English mind is illness. …as we picked up the English language, we also developed an English mind. …this is not in the national interest.’

An elementary English language teacher in the USA has been suspended without pay and fined $750 after allegedly helping students with the State’s maths tests. Maria Munoz-Sobrino of Lakeland, Florida ‘did not contest the allegations’ that she explained test items and gave ‘clues… and hints’ to ELL students

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