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By Rafaela Peteanu

France’s higher education minister Geneviève Fioraso presented a draft of her new Education and Research Law (known in France as the ESR) to the country’s Council of Ministers in March. Among other provisions, the proposed law permits teaching in universities in languages other than French, which has led to petitions against the ‘marginalisation and destruction of the French language’.

By Jefferson Youth

The Saudi government has been moving forward with its ‘saudisation’ plans and is inspecting schools, colleges and small businesses to root out people working without correct visas. It aims to rid the country of illegal workers, opening up positions for the 12.5 per cent of Saudis who are unemployed.

According to a Saudi Passports Office official, as reported by al-Hayat newspaper in April, ‘more than 200,000 foreigners have been deported from the country over the past few months’. This has sent shock waves through the expatriate community as many workers, particularly expats’ wives working as teachers or assistants, are used to officials turning a blind eye. Fear of fines or deportation has led to many schools closing, with employees staying at home.

By Matt Salusbury

The flag of 'A2' nation Bulgaria. Photo: Wikimedia Commons/anjči from London

Students from Bulgaria and Romania in the UK are routinely experiencing severe hardship as a result of their rights and access to benefits, services and work permits being obstructed, despite them being citizens of EU member states.


Strategy sparks author anxiety as sales staff slashed

By Melanie Butler


Pearson's London headquarters at Shell Mex House on the Thames, the former headquarters of Shell Oil. Photo: copyright Matt Salusbury

Pearson has slashed its UK marketing and sales force responsible for ELT publishing and the Pearson Test of English (PTE) as part of a £150 million restructuring announced by new CEO John Fallon after a 59 per cent fall in group profits. The cuts to the UK team, which also covers northern Europe, come after a record year for its UK book sales, with the firm  grabbing nearly 40 per cent of the market, according to distributors. Over two-thirds of the UK-based global marketing team is also reported to face redundancy.