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fleurdelise flag of quebec in downtown montreal wikimedia commons

The 'Fleurdelise', the flag of the majority Francophone Canadian province of Quebec, here seen flying in downtown Montreal. Image: Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons Licence


‘English is not a foreign language in Quebec,’ Francois Legault, new premier of the Canadian province of Quebec, announced following the recent election victory of centre-right party Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ).

inlingua language school miami 2

Matt Salusbury

Nine Inlingua language centres in Florida closed ‘abruptly’ in November, stranding over 500 students. Staff remain unpaid and students appear to have lost the fees they have paid in advance.

One student outside the Doral branch told the Miami Herald they’d lost the $6,000 paid for a course they’d recently started.

Teacher training news

Matt Salusbury

Over 100 trainers ran 92 workshops for 1500 public sector school teachers in a one-day event in Oklahoma.
The mass training day, designed to help mainstream teachers to cope with the needs of English language learners (ELLs), took place at Putnam City North High School in a suburb of the state capital, Oklahoma City.

bermudaMatt Salusbury 


The government of the Caribbean island of Bermuda is currently implementing a policy that requires English language tests for foreign workers, following a public consultation in October, as reported in Bernews.