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The British ELT industry is celebrating a 14 per cent increase in student numbers (over 497,000) with student weeks rising 5 per cent in 2017, writes Federica Tedeschi.

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Two Irish teachers have been released from prison in China.

Ninety-four per cent of British international school leaders now find recruiting quality teachers 'challenging', a major new study shows - writes Federica Tedeschi

UK language chains have surprisingly equitable rates of pay for men and women, but being male generally helps if you want a big bonus, Melanie Butler finds.

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EF is the best employer for women among the five language school chains that submitted figures on their gender pay gap to the UK government.

The number of potential English learners in Europe is predicated to drop by nearly 9 per cent between 2015 and 2025, a new report suggests.


A ‘ghost’ American school – with no students, no school buildings and no accreditation – has caused an uproar among bilingual international schools in Vietnam.


Talks between Ireland’s minister of employment and union representatives of teachers caught in the fallout from a recent language school failure mark a breakthrough for a campaign to improve terms and conditions in the Irish EFL sector.

An English language paper featuring texts on Brexit and the Statue of Liberty has been dubbed ‘unfair’ by German students and their supporters, according to the BBC.

A massive study using data from over 600,000 English L2 speakers has confirmed that there is a critical age for language learning at least for grammar acquisition.

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