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Melanie Butler finds out which courses win gold medals for teaching, excel at research, and offer good value.

What are the new hot issues in EU funded teacher training courses? Melanie Butler explores what is on offer.

For this year’s listing of Erasmus courses, we have concentrated on including those designed specifically for state school teachers because the EU funds the scheme primarily with these teachers in mind. We have also limited the UK entries to accredited courses.

One of the best-performing chains of language schools in the UK is to open a branch in Ukraine.

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Teacher’s pet

All teachers, or at least the most dedicated ones, can take credit for many things: developing students’ potential, shaping the future generation, making the world a better place.


The Gazette editorial team’s selection of ELT news from around the world

BevelledUAE 800pxUAE: Government schools across the United Arab Emirates have joined forces and introduced a common curriculum with more subjects taught in English, the National reports.


An attempt to use Melania Trump’s journey to US First Lady to illustrate the benefits of learning English has landed a private language school in legal hot water.

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The Israeli education ministry has launched a free postgraduate programme to train future English language teachers, the Jerusalem Post reports.


After UK MPs called for a better strategy for Esol provision in England, Jenny Roden says funding changes could make it easier for language schools to become providers.

University of EssexWEBChinese students whose families have spent fortunes so they can study for degrees abroad are increasingly disappointed by their job prospects back in China, it has emerged.

Strict language rules that have prevented some English native speaker nurses registering to work in the UK could soon be relaxed, it has emerged.

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