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When phonics doesn’t phit


Phonics can work wonders with English native-speaker children, but young English learners with another mother tongue might need a different approach to reading, writes Terry Phillips

This is not a polemic against using phonics to teach sound/sight patterns to children who are native speakers of English.

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No more rabbits in the headlights


Presentation skills are vital for professionals and university students learning English, for everything from business meetings to job interviews, writes expert Susanne Lewis

Whenever your students speak, their intention is to inform, persuade or inspire.

It might just be about trivial matters, such as telling a shop assistant what they’re looking for, wanting to persuade their classmate to help them with their homework or inspiring their friend to do something new.

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Resources: Listen out for success

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Rod Smith explains how to ensure students aren’t overwhelmed by the unfamiliar in the Ielts listening test.

It is all too easy for Ielts test-takers to feel overwhelmed when faced with listening passages featuring speakers using a variety of accents they may be unfamiliar with.

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Do-It-Yourself fairy tales


You can buy graded readers, but why not try making your own to suit the specific needs of your class, writes Terry Phillips

It is not easy to find readers that actually teach reading.

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The Great Contenders

The British Council has announced its shortlist for the ELTons 2018. Federica Tedeschi looks at who is in with a shot at winning

The prestigious British Council ELTons Innovation Awards recognise the achievements of organisations, teams and individuals who have made a significant impact in English language teaching.

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