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‘Teaching is always political’

Becker1999 Paul and Cathy

Teachers are ‘more than classroom managers transmitting McDonaldised content’ and should consider introducing social justice issues, says writer and academic J. J. Wilson.

English language teaching is sometimes regarded as a neutral, value-free endeavour. We teach the medium, not the message. After all, what values are contained in the present perfect? The act of declining verbs isn’t going to solve the world’s problems. And teacher training rarely touches on the wider role of the teacher in education.

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Be an Ielts oracle


Greg Archer, teacher and co-author of the new Mindset for Ielts course, shares his tips for making the sometimes disorientating move to teaching test preparation successfully

Teachers who transition into an Ielts class, particularly those less qualified or experienced, are often wrong-footed when they find that the communicative approach – so prevalent in their training and popular in general English classrooms – is met with more resistance than they had anticipated.

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Developing 21st century citizens


A husband and wife team explain how and why they developed a new EAP course which helps students recognise their role as global citizens

ELT ‘golden couple’ Peter Levrai and Averil Bolster have been working together in ELT for 22 years and recently won an ELTon award for innovation in learner resources for Develop EAP, an English for Academic Purposes course. Here, they explain how and why they produced the programme, which is focused around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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