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Have you flipped yet?

Loren Kerns jump

The term ‘flipping the classroom’ has been flapping around for a while, but maybe it’s now time to give it some thought. Richard Bradford explores how and why you should try turning lessons upside down

Flipped learning turns the traditional format of ‘lesson + homework’ on its head. Rather than being introduced to new topics and concepts during lessons by the teacher, students first encounter them at home, watching videos and completing online tasks. The consolidation tasks and activities that might have been done as homework are then done in the lesson. 

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Lifting the Vale on Wales


Cardiff and Vale College was named as ‘best in Wales’ in the EL Gazette rankings, but Jim Shields believes international students will be charmed by the whole country.

Tell us a bit about what is special about Cardiff and Vale College in terms of the English language programmes that you offer.

Cardiff and Vale College (CAVC) has been welcoming international students from all over the world for over 30 years. We have a highly-qualified and experienced staff team here who thrive on working with such interesting students and helping them to progress into their futures.

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‘Teaching is always political’

Becker1999 Paul and Cathy

Teachers are ‘more than classroom managers transmitting McDonaldised content’ and should consider introducing social justice issues, says writer and academic J. J. Wilson.

English language teaching is sometimes regarded as a neutral, value-free endeavour. We teach the medium, not the message. After all, what values are contained in the present perfect? The act of declining verbs isn’t going to solve the world’s problems. And teacher training rarely touches on the wider role of the teacher in education.

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Beware ‘busywork’ and grammar geeks

USAG Humphreys k2 web

As part of an occasional series about the quirks of teaching different nationalities, Seoul-based teacher and trainer Michael Griffin outlines some useful things to know if you have Korean students in your class

South Korea is now the fourth largest market for international students in the US and Australia – and learning English is exceedingly popular on the peninsula. So as numbers grow, it is all the more important for teachers to understand how their Korean students tick. All statements are based on my personal impressions from working with Korean students, and the usual caveats around stereotypes and generalisations apply.

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Be an Ielts oracle


Greg Archer, teacher and co-author of the new Mindset for Ielts course, shares his tips for making the sometimes disorientating move to teaching test preparation successfully

Teachers who transition into an Ielts class, particularly those less qualified or experienced, are often wrong-footed when they find that the communicative approach – so prevalent in their training and popular in general English classrooms – is met with more resistance than they had anticipated.

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