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Outcry from angry parents has forced the Korean government to backpedal on its ban on preschool English, according to the Korean Herald.

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Over 2,300 EU academics have resigned from British universities over the past year amid worries about their post-Brexit rights, the international press reports.

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The Netherlands should put a brake on international student recruitment, according to University of Amsterdam rector Karen Maex, Federica Tedeschi writes.

Iran is to ban the teaching of English in primary schools, according to reports.

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Melanie Butler reports on British Council inspection results.


The Gazette editorial team’s selection of ELT news from around the world


Early introduction of English medium instruction (EMI) impairs learning and limits educational attainment in low- and middle-income countries, a landmark report from the British Council has found.

Ielts teacher Warren Turner asks whether the Occupational English Test will answer the prayers of overseas nurses hoping to work in the UK.

Melanie Butler finds out which courses win gold medals for teaching, excel at research, and offer good value.

What are the new hot issues in EU funded teacher training courses? Melanie Butler explores what is on offer.

For this year’s listing of Erasmus courses, we have concentrated on including those designed specifically for state school teachers because the EU funds the scheme primarily with these teachers in mind. We have also limited the UK entries to accredited courses.

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