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An elementary English language teacher in the USA has been suspended without pay and fined $750 after allegedly helping students with the State’s maths tests. Maria Munoz-Sobrino of Lakeland, Florida ‘did not contest the allegations’ that she explained test items and gave ‘clues… and hints’ to ELL students

The tale of two non-natives teaching in New York poses intriguing question says Wayne Trotman



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The Multilingual Instructor:

What foreign language teachers say about their experience and why it matters


Claire Kramsch and Lihua Zhang

ISBN: 978-0-19-421737-8

Oxford University Press


THE OUTCOME of an intersection of two life trajectories, this title is co-authored by a Chinese citizen who studied German in Shangai and then went on to teach Chinese in the US, and a French citizen who studied German in Paris and then taught this language in the US. Why, though, did they both study German and not the then more popular English, and why did they each choose to up roots and settle on the same faraway shores? Their intriguing answers are revealed within.

January 2019

Reviews in Brief

bebc keltic


Agatha Christie
Collins  ISBN: 978-0-00-824967-0


murder on the orient express collins

WHETHER or not you know the end of this famous story from the ‘queen of crime’, there is much for intermediate students to enjoy in this graded reader involving fictional Belgian detective Hercule Poirot.


January 2019

Book of the month

 bebc keltic


prism reading 2



Prism Reading 2

Student’s Book

Lida Baker and Carolyn Westbrook

with Christina Cavage

Cambridge University Press

ISBN 978-1-108-62200-4


THE CORE strength of Prism Reading lies in the systematic approach to critical thinking. In fact, critical thinking exercises occur in each of the eight units.

Students practise both lower order thinking skills (like ‘understanding’ and ‘remembering’) and higher order skills (like ‘analyzing’ and ‘creating’), as outlined in Bloom’s well-known taxonomy. The topics are appropriate for academic students and include endangered species, the environment and economics. Each unit is logically structured, starting with ‘preparing to read’ tasks, moving through vocabulary work and finishing with a final collaborative task.

The material includes some stimulating videos on areas such as China’s man-made river and nutrition labels. This impressive, 168-page book is research-based, drawing on both the views of language teachers and the Cambridge English Corpus. Highly recommended.


Reviews by Pete Sharma for Bournemouth English Book Centre: www.bebc.co.uk

Demand for English language courses for adults continues to grow in Cuba.

Language school principal, Mark Rendell, has made his film debut. He appears in The Bromley Boys, a feel good film that is set for release on DVD next month.

The school which opened this summer follows the government’s support for ‘in-country ELT with a 3-national-language policy of Kyrgyz, Russian, and English’, according to the British Study Centres (BSC).

The Egyptian Government has confirmed that, from this month, EFL will form part of the kindergarten curriculum for 4-6 year olds, the Egyptian Street reported.

A Malaysian teacher with 12 years' professional experience in New Zealand cannot register with the national Education Council unless she sits for the IELTS exam, the NZ Herald online reported.

A Mexican English language teacher has been denied entry to the UK for her wedding due to her IELTS results. According to the Independent newspaper, UK immigration authorities refused her a visa on the grounds that 'the English language test she completed was not approved for settlement’.

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