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Review: Find your way into research


Language teachers are the target for a book which seeks to demystify action research, writes Wayne Trotman.

A Handbook for Exploratory Action Research,
By Richard Smith and Paula Rebolledo. British Council Publications,
ISBN: 978-0-86355-885-6
Download from https://tinyurl.com/ycpjqumh 

For most foreign language teachers, the notion of ‘research’ calls to mind people in white coats sat in poorly-lit rooms on university campuses analysing huge amounts of numerical data.

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Review: Put yourself to the test

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Wayne Trotman discovers how classroom assessment, when properly designed, can help improve teaching and learning

Language Assessment for Classroom Teachers,
Lyle Bachman and Barbara Damböck.
Oxford University Press
ISBN: 978-0-19-421839-9

This book may have quite a general-sounding title, but as it explains in its opening chapter, it is proposing ‘an entirely new approach to developing and using classroom-based language assessments’.

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