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Mirror, mirror…


Reflective practice is more than casually pondering your effectiveness as a teacher, a new book is keen to stress.

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Reviews: Motivate to accumulate


Wayne Trotman explores a book looking at how to spur on students and, most importantly, teachers

Motivational Teaching
By Nick Thorner
Oxford University Press

Motivation levels are generally high at the start of the academic year. Even lazing on the beach has become a drag for both learners and teachers, and everyone seems keen to get down to some serious effort in the classroom.

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Word up!

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Wayne Trotman reads a book looking at how teachers can improve their students’ vocabulary learning.

How Vocabulary is Learned
By Stuart Webb and Paul Nation
Oxford Handbooks for Language Teachers

You might be asking if there’s a need for yet another book dealing with vocabulary learning. However, as the authors point out, there is still a lack of clarity over the best way to learn lexis, despite a recent surge of research in this area. Around 30 per cent of the research into vocabulary in the last 100 years has been carried out since 2001.

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Reviews - October 2017


The book of the month

Learning Technology
Gordon Lewis
Oxford University Press

Aimed at primary and secondary school teachers, this highly practical 104-page guide provides a clear, accessible overview of the field and avoids the use of technical language. It includes over 70 classroom ideas. Now that educational technology has come of age, it is interesting to note that many tools included here have been around for some time: email, instant messaging, blogs, wikis, podcasts and social networking.

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Reviews: Don´t worry about a thing

no worriesweb

Wayne Trotman reviews a book outlining the latest research into language anxiety, and its implications for the classroom

New Insights into Language Anxiety: Theory, Research and Educational Implications
Edited by Christina Gkonou, Mark Daubney and Jean-Marc Dewaele
Multilingual Matters 978-1-78309-770-8

Teachers who speak only English are probably unaware of the anxiety and turmoil going on in some of their second language learners’ minds.

The authors’ introduction explains how such language anxiety (LA) shapes the thoughts, feelings and actions of learners (and sometimes teachers) by, for example, diminishing willingness to communicate, sowing seeds of self-doubt, and lowering self-esteem.

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