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Book of the month - February 2015

ETpedia: 1,000 ideas for English language teachers

John Hughes, Pavilion Publishing;



This wire-bound A4-size resource book is original and ambitious. Each of the one hundred units contains ten ‘ideas’. The units cover areas such as skills, resources, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. An idea is typically a tip, tool, strategy or activity. The 272 pages are packed with stimulating content – including timelines, a set of symbols for marking students’ writing, ideas for mobile learning and teacher development. The Cuisenaire Rods section has great visuals. The appendices contain useful photocopiable materials such as ‘phoneme dominoes’. Sometimes the limitations of the format mean a particular entry is short, but overall this is a one-stop treasure trove of ideas. Especially useful for new teachers, it should provide plenty of inspiration for last-minute classes. Highly recommended.