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Book of the month - March 2015

In Company 3.0, Starter Student’s book A1+

Edward de Chazal and Ed Pegg, Macmillan;





The well-known business English coursebook series In Company is now into its third generation. This slim 96-page starter book offers a new beginners level, and does a good job at providing low-level language for business students; it even includes a unit on the challenging skill of negotiating. The ten units cover essential survival language. The five business scenarios offer low-level case studies. The major new feature of this series is the provision of a blended learning package, with an online workbook and a resource centre containing extensive audio and video materials. The video interviews with business professionals are especially engaging, and delivered at normal speed, whereas the audio recordings are spoken more slowly and carefully. This skills-based course has a fresh, modern design. Recommended.