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Book of the month - May 2015

Jetstream Elementary
Jane Revell and Mary Tomalin, Helbling Languages;



This six-level course for adult learners has a modern look and feel. It provides a balanced and thorough general English syllabus. Many topics are engaging, such as the Chinese zodiac, yoga and Pilates, the Ice Hotel and the Paralympics. Some discussion topics are rather challenging for this level, such as talking about cultural stereotypes. I like the frequent ‘Movies and Music’ boxes which provide fun quizzes. Four beautifully illustrated and original short stories are included, and are really worth reading. This rich exciting new coursebook contains some great photographs. It comes with a workbook and a raft of digital support material, including mp3s, ‘cyber homework’, online projects and ‘karaoke videos’, providing dialogues for students to practise. Jetstream includes some rather quirky ‘de-stress’ activities! Recommended.