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Review - July 2015

Live Beat 3 Students’ BookLive Beat 3 Students’ Book

Liz Kilbey, Ingrid Freebairn, Jonathan Bygrave and Judy Copage, Pearson;


This exciting nine-unit general English course for A2+ students is designed for teenagers. The topics should stimulate and motivate young learners, and include cyber-bullying, films, music festivals and relationship problems. There is a strong emphasis on communication throughout, good attention to phonology and regular review sections. I like the two-page ‘word bank’ section, which groups words by concept. The grammar coverage is systematic, with dialogues created around the target structures; sometimes the language practised in the exercises is a little unnatural. The multimedia offering is extensive and includes videos and interactive activities on the MyEnglishLab platform. Colourful and lively – worth investigation.