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Book of the month - August 2015

Navigate, Intermediate B1+

Rachael Roberts, Heather Buchanan and Emma Pathare, OUP;



Navigate is a new six-level course-book for adults. The B1+ level contains twelve units. The approach to skills development is based on academic research summarised in the teacher’s book. ‘Unlock the code’ boxes provide information to support the development of listening and reading skills. Texts are information-rich and cover some fascinating topics such as hoaxes, crowd-funding and world happiness. The vocabulary syllabus draws on the Oxford 3000™, a list of frequent and relevant words. One exercise on the topic ‘Google Glass’ is now slightly out-of-date. A wide range of digital material is available on a learning platform. I especially like the e-book version created for a tablet, containing audio and video. This robust, extensive and innovative course has a sleek, modern design. Highly impressive.