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Book of the month - October 2015

Classroom Management Techniques

Jim Scrivener, CUP;



This 300-plus page teacher handbook is organised into seven chapters, focusing on the classroom, teacher, learners, key interventions, facilitating interactions, appropriate behaviour and, finally, the lesson. It contains some useful classroom layout diagrams, techniques on becoming a more authentic teacher, and advice on discipline issues. I was intrigued by the ‘mind-style’ differences model. This describes how people perceive information on a continuum from concrete to abstract, and store information along another continuum from sequential to (apparently) random. Fascinating. The central chapter on teacher interventions acknowledges a debt to the work of John Heron, and expertly presents fourteen kinds of teacher interventions. This book indeed offers ‘real solutions to real classroom problems’. The prose from this well-known author is composed and authoritative; highly stimulating and refreshing.