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Book of the month - December 2015

Keynote Intermediate

Paul Dummett, Helen Stephenson and Lewis Lansford, National Geographic Learning, a part of Cengage Learning;



The Ted.com website contains over 2,000 talks and is popular with many business English teachers. Each speaker aims to inspire. Twelve edited versions of Ted talks are used as a basis for this course book; the typical intermediate syllabus covers grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and language skills. The presentations focus on a range of interesting areas including poverty, marketing, environmental issues and communication, and there is a thought-provoking interview with entrepreneur Richard Branson. The clips can be viewed with subtitles, and transcripts are provided. I love the full-colour infographics. The Vocabulary in Context exercises on the DVD ask students to choose the correct meaning of certain phrases, and then provide the answer; these are suitable for self-study. Keynote succeeds in making authentic material accessible to B1 learners. Innovative.