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Reviews - January 2016

Become an Online English Teacher

Nestor Kiourtzidis, Pavilion;


This slim 124-page guide is aimed at language teachers interested in the growing phenomenon of teaching online. Chapter one looks at Skype and various tools like Google Docs. It describes how to record online classes and share documents. I found the book helpful on the business side, dealing with the practicalities of setting up and marketing online courses. It provides tips on finding students, building a blog and, importantly, processing online payments. Chapter seven contains teaching ideas and includes links to online materials like Expemo, a flashcard app. Users will need to supplement this book to get further teaching ideas.



Janet Hardy-Gould, OUP;


Merlin is a 34-page graded reader. The level is ‘quick starter’, aimed at A1 students; it uses 250 headwords. The intriguing story concerns a young wizard, Merlin, who through drinking a magic potion can change into different animals. The book incorporates some tricky words, like kingdom, enchantress, potion and cauldron, and manages to remain accessible for the target readers by providing simplified definitions. I especially like the imaginative, stylish illustrations, and the language exercises at the back are useful. The accompanying MultiROM includes a dramatised reading of the story. A new Gamebook version on the web includes fun vocabulary games. Engaging.