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Book of the month - January 2016

Teaching children how to learn

Gail Ellis and Nayr Ibrahim, Delta Publishing;


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The latest book in the Delta Teacher Development series has a specific focus: learner training for children. It is based on a ‘plan – do – review’ cycle. Part A discusses the theory behind ‘learning to learn’ and is of relevance to all language teachers. It introduces Wilbur the Worm, an appealing mascot figure designed to stimulate children’s imagination which can be used as a teaching aid. Part B contains practical ideas like making a vocabulary diary. Part C encourages personal reflection. I love the Toolkit, a bank of ready-to-use teaching material in reduced format – full-size pdfs are downloadable from the web. The book contains advice on developing storytelling skills and how to encourage home involvement. The authors draw on their considerable experience in this area. Recommended.