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Book of the month - April 2016

Get ready for IELTS, Pre-Intermediate to Intermediate Student’s Book

Fiona Aish, Jane Short, Rhona Snelling, Jo Tomlinson and Els Van Geyte, Collins;


This new exam preparation course takes a ‘flipped learning’ approach, which means students receive language input before their face-to-face class. This pre-class preparation can be done online or using the excellent 112-page workbook. Class time is then spent developing language skills and exam strategies. The teacher’s book is essential, providing spot checks to clarify students’ understanding of language points, and extension activities. Each of the twelve units finishes with exam practice tasks, which can be done for homework. The book is full of useful exam tips. I think teachers will need to spend some time getting familiar with the self-study content. The innovative flipped approach is ideal for an exam preparation course; this suite of material for Ielts 3.5 candidates currently at A2+ is worth investigation.