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Reviews in brief


2nd Edition Advanced Tim Falla, Paul A Davies


This is the second edition of the advanced level of a five level English course for teenagers. One highlight is the new literature and cultural section, which is both serious-minded and challenging, and contains poems from Sylvia Plath and Wilfred Owen. The comprehension exercises accompanying the extract from ‘Lord of the Flies’ are quite demanding. The vocabulary input is appropriate for high-level learners; in one useful awareness-raising task, students scan an extract from the Oxford Collocations Dictionary. I especially like the unit on the origins of English. The course includes an extensive online component and iTools for in-class projection. Recommended.

TED Talks Keynote

Upper Intermediate

Helen Stephenson, Lewis Lansford and Paul Dummett

National Geographic Learning / Cengage Learning


This is the Upper Intermediate level of Keynote. Like the Intermediate level, recently reviewed (EL Gazette, December 2015), the course is built around selected TED talks. These presentations are well-known to be passionate, persuasive and inspiring. The twelve units here include talks on population growth, work-life balance and five ways to improve listening. The talks are edited, distinguishing them from the purely authentic material found on the TED website. The author team have again crafted a solid set of learner support material focused on grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and importantly, presentation skills. The full-colour infographics remain a highlight. A winning formula.