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Reviews - January 2017

Jetstream Upper Intermediate
Jeremy Harmer and Jane Revell, Helbling;

This new adult general English course is full of interesting topics including film heroes and villains and the Montessori method of education. It also includes deliberately controversial discussions such as immigration and the refugee crisis which should be approached cautiously. The twelve units include ideas for online research and opportunities for students to make videos with their smartphones or cameras. I especially like the collocation activities: students study extracts from several ‘concordance lines’ and work out the missing keyword from context. The six-module writing section is well-structured.

This high-level course book has varied content and a crisp, modern layout. Worth investigation.

Think Student’s Book 1
Herbert Puchta, Jeff Stranks and Peter Lewis-Jones, CUP;

This A2-level book aims to develop the ‘whole learner’. This involves going beyond language teaching to include exercises on critical thinking, values and self-esteem. These exercises are woven into the syllabus in the additional ‘Think’ strand and cover interesting topics like problem-solving, happiness and appreciating other cultures. The content is corpus-informed and includes plenty of exam preparation exercises. The ‘WordWise’ boxes present useful phrases and expressions. The book includes a photo-story with several episodes, linked to video extracts, which may appeal to younger students. The section on phonology provides useful extra practice. This course book contains fresh, stimulating content. Recommended.