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The Book Of The Month - February 2017


Focus on learning technologies
Nicky Hockly, Oxford University Press;

Focus on Learning Technologies is a timely addition to the innovative Oxford Key Concepts for the Language Classroom series, which aims to link research and practice. This 167-page book focuses on school-age learners and touches on many areas, including a history of technology in ELT, e-safety and educational policy. It masterfully condenses research from an impressive range of perspectives. ‘Classroom snapshots’ show different teaching approaches, including video-conferencing in Uruguay. This book addresses the critical question: do digital technologies support language learning? Hockly concludes ‘the jury is still out’, as the effectiveness (or lack of effectiveness) of a particular technology depends on a wide range of factors, such as how it used. Highly suitable for teacher development programs, this book is accessible, balanced and authoritative. Excellent.