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Book Of The Month - March

OPTIMISE Student’s Book Premium Pack B2
Malcolm Mann and Steve Taylore-Knowles, Macmillan; ISBN: 978-0-2304-8880-9

Optimise is a multi-level general English course offering guided exam practice. It incorporates elements of the ‘flipped classroom’: students watch a video in the online resource centre and answer questions in advance of their face-toface class.

This relatively innovative approach allows students to process input at their own speed. The ten-unit course is especially strong in the area of vocabulary, and contains useful word formation tasks, a strong focus on collocation and a helpful reference section. The book includes many stimulating topics, such as Tolkien’s invented languages, the Bristol pound, and poetry slams. The extract from the novel Vanity Fair is, I believe, quite challenging. Attractively designed, the book provides a wealth of exam-taking tips. Teachers will need to supplement the course with pronunciation work. Recommended