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Book of the month - April 2017


ETpedia™ Materials Writing, 500 ideas for creating English language materials

Lindsay Clandfield and John Hughes, Pavilion Publishing and Media Ltd;
978-1- 0110-2862-8

Have you ever thought about becoming a materials writer? If so, this new resource book is a good place to start. The seven main sections contain a wealth of ideas, from useful information for first-time writers to ideas for self-editing and development aimed at experienced writers.

The book provides a comprehensive list of different exercise types, such as gap-fill, categorisation, re-ordering and multiple-choice. It includes ideas for writing a wide range of language teaching material, including worksheets, supplementary materials, song-based lessons and teachers’ notes – even board games. I especially like the tips for writing effective rubrics. The unit on digital and online material is rather short, but essential. This 184-page wire-bound book is a great introduction to materials writing – and a cure for writer’s block! Recommended.