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Book of the month - June 2017


Interaction Online
Creative activities for blended learning
Lindsay Clandfield and Jill Hadfield
CUP 9781316629178

If you are considering incorporating online interaction into a language teaching course, this handbook will be of interest. It contains over 75 activities for use in online, blended and even face-to-face courses.

The activities are grouped into five different interaction types: personal, factual, creative, critical and fanciful. Interaction here is ‘between and among learners and instructors’ rather than between learner and computer. The activities use generic tools, especially ‘instant messaging services’ and ‘discussion forums’; many can be done both in real time or with a time delay. The book is full of inventive activities, like re-writing fairy tales in a modern version or creating ‘memes’. Many require little or no preparation, while others are quite complex. As ever, users will need to be selective. The authors’ vast experience shines through. Recommended.