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The book of the month: July 2017


ETpedia™ Technology 500 ideas for using technology in the English language classroom
Nicky Hockly. Pavilion
Publishing and Media Ltd

How much do you know about using technology in language teaching?

This A4 wire-bound resource book is packed with practical ideas and is suitable for both novices and those with experience in this area. Each of the fifty units contains ten ideas, many of which are bite-sized and easy to implement, alongside a wealth of suggestions for tools, websites and digital resources. The range of topics is astounding, with useful input on the flipped classroom, creating video, QR-codes and using Smartphones and tablets. The 196-page book also contains information on specific areas: e-safety, digital policymaking, assistive technologies for Special Education Needs and teacher development. I personally appreciated the information on augmented reality. The well-known author draws on a wealth of knowledge and experience. Hugely informative.

Reviews in brief

In company 3.0 Logistics Student’s Book Pack
John Allison and Jeremy, Townend Macmillan, 978-1-786-32890-8

This slim 64-page book on logistics is aimed at B1/B2 students and contains eight units. It is part of a new ESP (English for Specific Purposes) series and can be used alone or with the well-known In Company course. A highlight is the inclusion of video interviews with real-world logistics professionals. The book provides useful input on insurance claims – and, thankfully, clarification of some tricky technical vocabulary: consignee, bill of lading, inventory, overstock and air waybill. This well-designed book is accompanied by online digital materials, and certainly helps to make logistics an accessible subject area for language teachers. Impressive.

A-Z of Coaching, Michelle Hunter and Ben Dobbs,
Academic Study Kit 978-0-9956701-2-9

Coaching is a process that aims to improve performance. It focuses on empowering people. Each activity in this 64-page A4 wire-bound resource book relates to a coaching-based topic, technique or exercise. The activities, suitable for business professionals, come with teachers’ notes; most include a worksheet and follow-up ideas. Topics include leadership, marketing and negotiating. I love ‘Appreciative Inquiry’, which is about identifying the positive aspects of an individual or team. The A–Z format is somewhat quirky; some material may be familiar, like the ‘urgent/important’ matrix. This bank of photocopiable activities is a nice addition to the trainers’ toolkit.

Reviews by Pete Sharma for Bournemouth English Book Centre: www.bebc.co.uk