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The book of the month - April 2018


Absolutely English! Game
Fay MacSween and Kelly James, Piatnik;

Absolutely English! is described as a ‘fun and effective game’ for improving English.

I agree on both counts. This boxed game is essentially a quiz for two to sixteen players, aged twelve and above.
The rules are simple. Players throw a multi-coloured die to ascertain the category of their question; if you answer correctly, you keep the card. Players must collect one card from each category (grammar, vocabulary, phrases, so-called ‘This and That’ and general knowledge), then answer a grand finale question to win.

Questions are relevant and appropriate for language students. One outstanding feature is that all language levels can play – each card has five levels of questions from (approximately) A2 to C2, so everyone has a chance of winning.
Beware the occasional typo. Enjoyable.