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Reviews in brief - April 2018

Reviews in brief

Arman’s Journey, Cambridge English Readers,
Starter Level Philip Prowse, CUP; 978-0-5211-8493-9

The genre of this 32-page graded reader is Romance, but the story is about more than love.

This piece of original fiction contains drama and danger, travel and adventure. The young hero, Arman, is forced to flee his homeland to the UK. Several controversial areas are addressed including the plight of refugees and working illegally. The plentiful black-and-white illustrations and the energetic delivery of the online audio recording help make the story vivid. The total word count is 2,454. The great skill in the storytelling is in making this engaging tale accessible for lower-level learners, using simple and appropriate language.

Business Result 2nd Edition, Upper Intermediate Student’s Book Michael Duckworth,
John Hughes and Rebecca Turner, OUP; 978-0-1947-3896-5

One strength of the second edition of this well-known coursebook is the input from business experts at the innovative Saïd Business School. These five new ‘Viewpoint’ videos include authentic interviews with academics and business experts covering relevant topics like consumer behaviour and social media marketing. I especially like the new ‘Talking Point’ sections, devised to get students discussing business ideas including outsourcing to robots and ‘fun theory’. The modular structure is particularly appropriate for a business English course, allowing users to select lessons or follow the fifteen units in sequence. Impressive; may prove even more popular than the first edition.

Reviews by Pete Sharma for Bournemouth English Book Centre: www.bebc.co.uk