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The book of the month - May 2018


Richmond Mazes: Crisis at Clifton – Intermediate B1+
James Styring and Alastair Lane, Richmond;

Based on the idea of a maze, Crisis at Clifton is a wonderful example of ‘interactive fiction’.

Readers make decisions that influence how the story proceeds. If you hit a dead end, you must go back and try another route. Your goal is to ensure your new company survives by creating a successful advertising campaign. I reached the end but was somewhat disappointed at not gaining an adequate number of bonus points!

The plot is hugely inventive. Useful vocabulary (pitch, slogan) is presented in a natural context. Readers incidentally learn about the advertising industry, including social media. The illustrations help bring the story to life. This 200-page book featured in a previous review of ELT readers on these pages – now available as an app. Excellent