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The book of the month - June 2018


PronPack 1
Pronunciation Workouts
Mark Hancock
Hancock McDonald ELT
ISBN: 978-0-9957575-1-6

Pronunciation Workouts is the first in a four-set series of resource books to help practise pronunciation.

A ‘workout’ is an extended drill to help the mouth muscles become accustomed to unfamiliar movements, and help learners notice features of pronunciation including consonant clusters, word stress, rhythm and tonic stress. An innovative Sound Chart displays the phonemic symbols for vowels and diphthongs in a hexagon, and the consonants in a square. A useful infographic explains how the chart is organised. Six charts are provided, offering a choice of IPA (International Phonetics Alphabet) or American symbols. Many of the thirteen workouts come with sound files. Activities are often fun. An eBook version is available. The other three books will be reviewed here later this year. Highly practical; recommended.