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EL Gazette (English Language Gazette) is an international news and media company for the English Language Teaching industry and international English-medium education. You can follow us on Twitter: @ELGazette or on Facebook: Englishlanguagegazette

Our history

Founded in October 1978, EL Gazette was originally EFL Gazette (‘English as a Foreign Language’). As the industry moved from purely English language instruction to offering education in English, so the emphasis of EL Gazette has changed. It is an independent publication, the result of a 1980s editorial buy-out from a subsidiary of Robert Maxwell’s Trinity Mirror group.


EL Gazette print edition – Note that this is on hold until further notice, due to Covid-19 impact on the English language teaching and study travel industries.

EL Gazette reaches over 30,000 ELT professionals in 160 countries, including over 500 decision makers in state further education around the world.

We (normally – see above) circulate approximately 1500 copies of the print edition of the EL Gazette for subscribers and general distribution. Many print copies go to staff rooms and each copy of the Gazette is seen by multiple readers – an average of seven people looking at each print copy, according to internal research.

We also regularly distribute free print copies at key national and international conferences and events such as IATEFL, TESOL, ICEF and Study World. The bi-monthly print edition of the EL Gazette magazine runs between 40 and 48 pages – available by subscription here.

EL Gazette Digital Edition

EL Gazette Digital Edition is a digital version of the magazine. Those who sign up get a subscriber’s newsletter sent to their email address. The newsletter announces the new editions of EL Gazette Digital when they go online. All content from the print edition also appears on this website. As of December 2020, we had over 16,500 subscribers to the newsletter.

A full breakdown of our digital audience is available in our media packs.


EL Gazette‘s standard sections include:

  • News (noteworthy developments in ELT, or on how English language issues impact on politics around the world)
  • Research News (highlights of current research in language acquisition and other areas of interest to our readers)
  • Training News (reports on ELT training conferences, initiatives and events around the world)
  • Business News (report on language school rankings, changes in ownership, or other ELT industry happenings)
  • Thought Leaders (conversations with current leaders in the field of English language learning and assessment).
  • Point of View and Out of the Box (invited editorial voices from the field, often challenging industry assumptions)
  • Reviews (ELT textbooks and course books selected by our reviewers)
  • Interviews (interviews with leaders and managers in ELT)
Occasional spots include:
  • EL Exams
  • EL Data (data analysis revealing the latest trends in the industry)
  • EL Accreditation
  • EL Association news (updates from teachers’ associations)
  • EL Prospects (job opportunities, career development or working conditions in ELT)
  • On the move (updates on career moves and appointments among the movers and shakers or the ELT world)
  • Materials (sponsored articles featuring material from a new ELT title and a lesson plan)
  • Teach In (overview of teaching experience in a single country, from an active teacher)

Themed issues

Some EL Gazette issues will have a geographical or sector theme, to which several pages are devoted.

Frequent ‘specials’ are Latin America, South East Asia, The European Union, Middle East and North Africa, Europe, Russia and wider Europe, English for Academic Purposes, Young Learners, English for Work, Business English. Listings

We run regular listings of courses available in a particular sector. These include MA TESOL courses, teacher development courses eligible for the EU’s Erasmus + funding and language schools that have been awarded EL Gazette Centre of Excellence status. Inclusion in the listings is free.

Please note: These awards are based on the information found in the British Council Inspection reports on the language centres which the British Council accredits under the Accreditation UK scheme. The rankings are compiled by the EL Gazette and are not produced by the British Council, English UK or Accreditation UK. Awards

We cover awards from ELT and higher education (the ELTons, the English Speaking Union awards, the THE world university rankings, etc.)

Conference specials

EL Gazette is distributed at most of the major conferences for ELT professionals and educational agents – including IATEFL (a special edition with extra pages), Study World, all the ICEF workshops, LABCI, Braz TESOL, FECEI, TESOL Arabia, JALT Japan, Going Global, NILE TESOL (Egypt), ELTAI India, TESOL Peru, TESOL Qatar, BELTE, ICWE, Sprach en Beruf, and BESIG (Business English).

To find out more about our conference distribution service, please contact us. Advertising with EL Gazette Contact for a media pack, for our advertising rates and for details of the latest figures on readership and data on the ‘job role’ of readers and where in the world they are based, or for information on the countries where EL Gazette is distributed. Image courtesy of Library