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Students hit by travel ban

09-02-2017 Hits:350 News Andrea Perez - avatar Andrea Perez

International students returning to study in the US were among those worst affected by the travel ban imposed by President Trump’s executive order in January, Melanie Butler writes. This included...

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October 2016

Bravo Bristol


ELC Bristol has just become the second school in the UK to achieve a perfect score on its British Council inspection. Principal John Duncan (right) put the achievement down to his amazing staff, the support from fellow members of The English Network (TEN) and ‘putting our students at the very centre of everything we set out to achieve’.

Anna Michal Ireland

Melanie Butler examines why foreign buyers are eager to acquire cash-strapped UK language chains.

Overseas buyers have been rushing into the market to snap up medium-sized language school chains in the UK, where the results of two years of bad trading and the immediate consequences of Brexit have left many schools in financial difficulty. Peter Dewhirst of ELT Acquisitions told the Gazette that buyer interest is at an all-time high, a view confirmed by other ELT mergers and acquisitions specialists.

Andrea Perez writes

Over 6,000 people, including 350 teachers from various member institutions of the Association of Language Schools of Andalusia (Aceia), took part in cultural activities and free English language level tests during the European Day of Languages on Saturday 24 September in Andalusia, southern Spain.

Jorge Franganillo

Matt Salusbury writes 

Following July’s government purge of Turkey’s education sector (see August 2016 Gazette), many of the fifteen universities closed by the government’s Higher Education Council have reopened under new names, but some students are discovering that English-medium courses are now off the curriculum.

According to the Turkiye Gazetesi newspaper, the government has created three new universities – Beykoz University in Istanbul, İzmir Bakırçay University and İzmir Democracy University – and changed the names of five reopened universities.

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Julie Pratten offers seven top tips that everyone should know when starting...

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