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Unlocking SELTs

Matt Salusbury gives us the lowdown on Secure English Language Tests The test centres for SELTs (Secure English Language Tests)...
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Unlocking SELTs

Helping teachers stay positive

Wayne Trotman reviews a timely book that focuses on helping teachers maintain a healthy work-life balance Teacher Wellbeing Sarah Mercer...
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Helping teachers stay positive

Safe and secure with LanguageCert

LanguageCert adds SELTs to their stable of online, paper and computer-based exams On July 1st, the LanguageCert English language tests...
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Safe and secure with LanguageCert

How the elderly brain benefits from bilingualism

Sustained use of both languages may protect the bilingual elderly from age-related cognitive decline, according to a recent study from...
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How the elderly brain benefits from bilingualism

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Making the most of morphemes

Morphemic regularity may help babies acquire concepts like number and gender Research has long shown that, whatever their L1, infants learn words at much the...


Black teachers matter in British ELT

Racism has been rife in British EFL for two decades. There are signs of change but it may be too little too late, say...

Teach in Australia

The gathering storm?

Effective EAP


ETpedia™ Management: 500 ideas for managing an English Language school

Fiona Dunlop, Keith Harding and Robert McLarty Pavilion Publishing and Media Ltd ISBN: 9781912755271 Language teachers moving into management positions often find themselves learning ‘on the job’....



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US changes student visa rules again! We struggle to keep up with chaotic and rapid developments on US student visa policy as Trump Administration flip-flops once more, announcing no new visas will be issued for courses taught online https://www.elgazette.com/us-changes-student-visa-rules-again/

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