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EMI ‘doesn’t work’ for adults with weak second language skills

04-09-2017 Hits:632 News Claudia Civinini - avatar Claudia Civinini

  Teach an adult a foreign language and content simultaneously, and they’ll learn very little in either, research suggests.

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A new ELT publishing house, Innova Press, has been launched in Beijing.

The UK has scooped the top two spots in the new THE World University Rankings for the first time in 13 years - but experts fear that Brexit could change the situation, writes Claudia Civinini.


Last year was the ‘largest ever recorded’ for the ELT industry in Australia, English Australia figures reveal. While student numbers have registered just a modest two per cent growth, student weeks are increasing, with students spending on average one week longer Down Under than in 2015.


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Sure, we all know the British tend to be rubbish at foreign languages. But a new survey has shown many don’t even feel bad about it. The study by the British Council in collaboration with Populus revealed that over 45 per cent of British holidaymakers rely on the assumption ‘that everyone will speak English in the country that they’re visiting’.

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