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Infants excel when they ‘learn by ear’

01-12-2016 Hits:106 News Melanie Butler  - avatar Melanie Butler

A GROUND-BREAKING randomised control trial in four Madrid nurseries appears to show that children between eight months and three years old can acquire foreign L2 through hyper-stimulating interaction with a...

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Gage Skidmore 1 Arizona

In March a survey by Intead and FPP Edumedia of more than 40,000 prospective international students revealed that 60 per cent were less likely to study in the US should Donald Trump (above) be elected president, rising to 80 per cent among Mexicans, Claudia Civnini writes.

Ben Waxman of Intead told the Gazette the survey results were ‘speculative’ and that more research was needed.

School census

A census of schools by the Department for Education (DfE) in England that gathers important  information on the needs of EAL (English as an additional language) students was boycotted after new questions appeared on ‘nationality’ and ‘country of birth’. The National Pupil Database, existing in some form since 2002, has long had questions on ethnicity and language proficiency. It asks parents which language their children speak at home, Matt Salusbury writes.

Tom Prete California

What does bilingual education have in common with marijuana, condoms, the death penalty and gun control? In the US state of California, those were some of the topics raised by seventeen different referendums on 8 November, the day of the general election, Kelly Franklin writes.

Chris Eason

Language school association Education South Africa (EduSA) has successfully challenged the South African government over a strict immigration policy which it claimed was damaging the country’s EFL industry. EduSA chair Johannes Kraus said that the association had now reached an ‘amicable’ settlement with the Department of Home Affairs and Higher Education and Training.

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Sharpening specialist skills

Dec 2016

Claudia Civinini on how a masters can take teachers to the next...

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@Deixis9 Sample size of one. Sample size of five multilinguals here - no consensus. Empirical evidence required?

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@Deixis9 The corpus shows how language behaves. Not how the brain processes it. Or how it is learned/acquired. We don't know, do you?

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