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A dozen activists including trade unionists from the IWW union and members of the Angry Language Brigade (ALB) staged an occupation of the Speak Up School of English in London. The action, in support of a teacher who cannot be named for legal reasons, was observed by a Gazette reporter.

The group presented a letter detailing the employee’s grievances including unpaid holiday pay and teaching hours classified by the school as ‘training’. The Gazette understands that, ninety minutes later, management emailed offering a resolution.

A teacher in South Korea has been rejected for a job because she is Irish. Katie Mulrennan, 26, from County Kerry applied for a teaching job in Seoul, where she has lived for two years, according to BBC News.

Her application for a teaching post received the following response from an internet recruiter: ‘Hello I am sorry to inform you that my client does not hire Irish people due to the alcoholism [sic] nature of your kind.’

The message ended by wishing Mulrennan ‘the best of luck in the future’.

An investigation into the alleged rape of a student by an attendant at an English-medium school in Bangalore, south India, has revealed that the school may be operating illegally – along with thousands of others in the surrounding state of Karnataka.

The unnamed school in the city’s Jalahalli district faces criminal charges brought by the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) over non-compliance with 23 regulations. The school attendant and three others are in police detention.

By Matt Salusbury

Japan's ministry of education announced in January the start of a six-year mission leading up to the 2020 Olympics which will see English language classes taught exclusively through the medium of English starting from the age of thirteen or fourteen. The plan will also lead to primary school students starting English earlier, from the age of ten or eleven. And the English proficiency of secondary school teachers will be periodically tested, with English subject teachers deployed to teach in the last two years of primary school.

The ministry’s Execution Plan for Reform of English Education in Response to Globalisation is aimed at preparing for an expected influx of foreign visitors for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. By the first day of the new school year on 1 April 2020, all junior high school English subject classes will be delivered entirely in English, with some schools expected to implement this change by the beginning of the 2018 school year. An expert advisory panel was due to be set up in February 2014 to ‘study the details of the scheme’, according to the Mainichi newspaper.

English as the medium of instruction was introduced in the 2013–14 school year for

By Melanie Butler

Two million teenagers in India, aged fifteen to seventeen, are to be tested each year in English by assessors trained by Trinity College London in partnership with the country’s Central Board of Secondary Education. It is envisaged that all pupils in the 13,500 affiliated schools will leave with an internationally recognised Trinity/Central Board certificate in speaking and listening.

Four hundred master trainers in India have already

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