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New AI-powered lesson planning assistant

A free AI-powered tool for lesson planning from Trinity College London was launched this week.

NoteLab English gives tailored lesson plans based on age, ability and session duration. The tool also allows teachers to give previous lesson history to create lessons in context with a learning pathway.

Lessons produced by NoteLab use a variety of audio and visual content to create ‘topical and engaging’ plans for EFL teachers.

Trinity worked closely with English teachers around the world during the development of NoteLab, meaning users can be assured the produced lessons are ‘pedagogically sound’.

CEO of Trinity College London, Erez Tocker said:

‘When we asked teachers what they wanted from an AI lesson plan generator, most wanted a tool that would save them time, be flexible and adaptable enough to tailor lessons to different needs, inspire new ideas, align with the curriculum, and be easy to use.

‘Our pioneering new offer means that EFL teachers will no longer need to spend hours researching and organising supplementary material.  Teachers will find that NoteLab English will allow them to generate the exact content they need for their teaching requirements, be it large groups, individuals, beginners, or advanced students.’

Try NoteLab for yourself here.

Image courtesy of Trinity College London
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