ETpedia™ Management: 500 ideas for managing an English Language school


Fiona Dunlop, Keith Harding and Robert McLarty

Pavilion Publishing and Media Ltd

ISBN: 9781912755271

Language teachers moving into management positions often find themselves learning ‘on the job’. This 200-page, spiral-bound reference guide will be especially useful for them, providing advice in several key areas including marketing, personnel, finance and continuous professional development (CPD). Many tips, acronyms and models will already be familiar to experienced managers, like the time management tool which helps distinguish important, unimportant, urgent and not urgent tasks. The extensive Appendix is packed with useful framework material to help managers implement appraisals, assess employee performance and identify which skills are transferable from teaching to management. I enjoyed reading about ‘blind’ lesson observation, where the observer is not actually present. Adding section headings would help users navigate the content. Draws on the expert experience of the author team.

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