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Agents take note

A new collaboration between EnglishUSA and Agency Management System (AMS) means a significant new bridge for agents to access top English language programmes in the USA – and the offer is open to other language schools around the world.

“We’re excited about our new collaboration with AMS,” says Cheryl Delk-Le Good, executive director of EnglishUSA, an association representing language centres accredited by ACCET and CEA.

“We’ve been very impressed with their platform and the benefit AMS brings to agents and educational institutions. Should the recruitment year materialise as hoped, agents and programmes taking advantage of the services AMS and EnglishUSA have to offer will be a step ahead and be ready for the next wave of international students.”

Contacted by the Gazette, Brenton Baer, CEO of the AMS study-abroad cloud platform, confirmed that the company provides a free service to English language schools anywhere in the world to promote their offerings to agencies.

Language schools can create and update their account with AMS to include all their information, such as their programmes, services, pricing and promotions. At the other end, agencies can then delve into the AMS data base to find the schools that will be of most interest to their students.

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Melanie Butler
Melanie Butler
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