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Saturday, July 4, 2020

Alan Maley and Adrian Underhill

Alan Maley and Adrian Underhill
Alan Maley was a teacher and trainer. After retirement he continues as a speaker and writer for publication. He is a past President of IATEFL and co-founder of the Creativity Group. -------- Adrian Underhill is a trainer, speaker and ELT consultant. He is a past president of IATEFL and a member of the Creativity Group.

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UK Govt. bails out British Council, which has been suffering catastrophic losses since the worldwide closures of its profitable language schools. £60 Govt package (in addition to £28 million bail-out earlier) should keep BC operating until August. https://www.elgazette.com/uk-government-bails-out-british-council/

Malta is to re-open its English language schools in July. It will lift travel restrictions from 19 countries, but only two of these (Germany and Austria) are among its traditIonal markets. https://www.elgazette.com/malta-to-open-elt-in-july/

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